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Do You Qualify

Photo Biotech is looking for people who have the right experience or deep passion in owning a medspa, personality and resources to thrive as a franchisee or affiliate. We are looking for franchisees / affiliate who will be business partners for years to come.

Your net worth: Starting and sustaining a business requires money. You may need to tap into your assets in order to get your business past the startup phase and to the point where it is generating profits. Photo Biotech knows this, which is why we set requirements for the net worth of prospective franchisees and affiliates.

Liquid capital: How much money do you have in banks accounts, or in assets that can be leveraged? While there are financing options available for franchisees, you will need to invest in startup costs.

Skills: Do you have sales or customer service experience? Have you ever managed people? Can you follow a plan and execute?

Personality:  It’s important to assess your personality and desires before you start. Passion, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit contribute to success.

Drive: Photo Biotech Franchise / Affiliate system provides the training, support and tools you need to run and grow a business — but it’s still up to you to do the work. It’s not enough to have a passion for a business — you need to know how much effort it will take to grow the business and to keep it humming once it has hit its stride.


Signage - Storefont

Our designers will produce the design of your signage
A PDF file will be provided for your sign maker.


Anti Aging, Laser Hair Removal, Fat Targeting, Body Contouring & Shaping, Dermatology Are Industry Drivers

Photo Facial treatments include dermatology (skin) Laser dominated the service segment in 2022 and will maintain its position throughout the estimated period due to increasing demand for minimally invasive aesthetic treatment procedures. The body shaping & contouring service segment is expected to witness the fastest CAGR over the forecast period.

  • Females Account For 83% Of Med Spa Clients

  • The Share Of Men Clientele Is Growing

  • Aging Baby Boomers Are Fueling Continued Growth.

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